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Our story

In 1979 after working as a jeweller,creating Rhodian jewellery,for more than 10 years Konstantinos Samourakis opened his first store in the old town in Rhodes in Ermou str.His talent moved him forward to change store and open a bigger store in aristotelous str which is still exist.His children from small age they were occupying with the store and they helped to open 3 more stores.In 2000 Savvas Samourakis is opening his store in Sokratous 71 which is still exist.He studied marketing management and creating jewellery and making his own collections and a range from greek design,byzantine jewellery,solitaire rings,jewellery with diamons and precious stones and the known collection greek love and desire.In 2010 he is opening a second store in plateia evraiwn martyrwn 20 with sterling silver jewellery.

Having also his own workshop in Athens and knowing of use the latest tools of technology and handmade work he can create in CAD design every jewellery piece than customer wants by order.